2015 / 16 audit documents


Welcome to lanchesterparish.info – Lanchester Parish Council’s website. On this website you can find news and information about the Parish of Lanchester and the Parish Council.

Lanchester Parish Council provides services that enhance life in the parish, from play areas to Christmas Lights, providing the upkeep of our historic village green and leading the debate on our area’s future. We cover the areas of Lanchester, Hurbuck Cottages, Hollinside, Malton and Ornsby Hill.

Lanchester is in an area covered by a Unitary system of local government, meaning that the majority of local government services are provided by Durham County Council.

Lanchester is situated in North West Durham and is home to around 4400 people.

The Parish Council is currently co-ordinating the production of a Neighbourhood Plan.  Please see the NEIGHBOURHOOD PLAN section for more details

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